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When is it a Double Hit in Tennis? - USTA

My partner said that I hit it in one continuous motion, which seems to be the key difference between a legal and illegal hit. What is the correct ruling on this? Answer: You are correct. If it was one continuous motion, without a second intentional swing or push, then it is a legal shot even if it hit your racquet twice in the one swing.

Tennis rules confusion: Carrying or hitting the ball twice ...

You're not allowed to cross the net while the ball's still in play. So if your jump took you into the other court after the ball had bounced twice you'd be alright, but I don't think that would happen very often.

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Rule 24.b. of the ITF Rules of Tennis says that a player loses the point if “The player does not return the ball in play before it bounces twice consecutively . . . .” So, in our match, if the ball bounced twice before my opponent returned it, she lost the point.

Double hit is legal, right? How about this one??

This is completely legal; the rule is pretty weird but it basically states "as long as the player did not touch the ball twice on PURPOSE it is legal". Which is correct in the point stated above Der_Echte

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I mean situations like a ball slipping on a racket, or unintentionally hitting the racket twice (e.g. when the player does not hold the racket firmly enough). In the official rules, I have found rule 24 (f), stating the point is lost if “The player deliberately carries or catches the ball in play on the racket or deliberately touches it with the racket more than once” (emphasis mine).

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Can You Reach Over the Net in Tennis? | Tennis Gems

A. If you try to intentionally hit the ball twice before getting it back over the net, the answer is no. However, if you accidentally hit the ball twice with your racket during a single swing, say with the strings and then the frame, this is allowed. This is known as a continuous motion.

How to Lose a Tennis Point: Double Bounce - Fiend At Court

The double bounce in tennis is another way for a player to lose a tennis point. As a term, double bounce does not actually appear in the text of this rule. The phrase “double bounce” is introduced in “The Code,” within the context of which player is entitled to make the call. The point is lost if: The player does not return the ball in play before it bounces twice consecutively.

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The one exception to this rule is if the point has ended before a player hits net, then it can count as a winner i.e. the ball has bounced twice or lands outside the court after the first bounce. Can you hit the ball around the net in tennis? Yes. This is a perfectly legal shot in tennis. ITF Rules Of Tennis Rule 25c