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Referee BasketballViolations Signals. Walking or traveling. (not bouncing the ball while walking) Illegal or double dribble. Carrying or Palming the ball. Over and back (half-court violation) Five second violation. Ten seconds (taking more than 10 seconds to get the ball over half court) Kicking (intentionally kicking the ball)

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Time Management Signals. These officiating basketball hand signals are used to communicate between the referee and the time keeper in order to notify starting and stopping of the clock. Stop Clock – To stop the clock at any point in the game, the referee will raise one hand straight over head with his palms facing out and finger tips pointed.

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Basketball: Referees Hand Signals 1. Referees Hand SignalsPrepared by: Fritzie B. Talidano MPE 2. • Violation- raise arm with open palm. • Foul- raise arm with clenched fist. 3. Blocking- signal foul, hands on hips 4. Charging-clenched fist 5. Double Foul- waving clenched fist 6. Holding-signal foul; grasp wrist 7.

A.1 The hand signals illustrated in these rules are the only ...

A.1 The hand signals illustrated in these rules are the only official signals. They must be used by all officials in all games. A.2 It is important that the table officials are also familiar with these signals. I. SCORING 1 ONE POINT One finger, 'flag' from wrist 2 TWO POINTS Two fingers, 'flag' from wrist 3 THREE-POINTS ATTEMPT Scissor-like action Three fingers (extended) 4 THREE-POINTS SUCCESSFUL SHOT Three fingers (extended) on each hand 5 CANCEL SCORE OR CANCEL PLAY with arms, once ...

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Travelling: The referee uses his arms and hands to make a circling motion in front of his chest to indicate that a player has travelled with the ball and turned it over. There are, of course, many other signals but these are those that are most commonly used.


use 1 or 2 fingers after signal 14 13 14 15 3-point field goal 16 17 18 Bonus free throw for 2nd throw, drop one arm – for 2 throws, use 1 arm with 2 fingers – for three throws, use 1 arm with 3 fingers ® OFFICIAL NFHS BASKETBALL SIGNALS Start clock Stop clock 60-second time-out 30-second time-out Stop clock for jump/held ball Stop clock for foul

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“reaching in” is allowed unless contact is made. The referee can call a pushing or holding foul, but there is no “reaching in” violation. 2. A player dribbles the ball above their head – Dribbling the Ball above a players head line is not a violation as long as dribblers hand stays on top of the ball. 3.

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Learn the common basketball fouls and referee hand signals found in college, high school, and youth basketball rules. Not all contact on the basketball court is illegal, but there are some specific fouls outlined in the rules that are designed to keep the contact from becoming too aggressive. In the early history of basketball, before there were any standardized regulations, play could pretty rough at times.


OFFICIAL BASKETBALL RULES 2014 A - Officials’ signals Substitution and Time-out . SUBSTITUTION BECKONING-IN CHARGED TIME-OUT MEDIA TIME-OUT Cross forearms . Open palm, wave towards the body . Form T, show index finger . Open arms with clenched fists Informative . CANCEL SCORE, CANCEL PLAY VISIBLE COUNT Scissor-like action with arms,

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Game clock signals STOP THE CLOCK . STOP THE CLOCK FOR FOUL . START THE CLOCK . 2. Open palm One clenched fist Chop with hand Scoring . 1 POINT 2 POINTS 3 POINTS 1 finger, 'flag' from wrist . 2 fingers, 'flag' from wrist . 3 fingers extended One arm: Attempt Both arms: Successful . 1 3 4 5 6 Page 56 of 86 OFFICIAL BASKETBALL RULES 2014 May 2014