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Offensive Tactics and Strategies in Basketball

Give and go ,also known as “pass and cut”,is a basic offensive tactic.In this strategy,one offensive player passes a ball to his teammate,hoping to unguard himself and runs to an open area generally near the basket to receive the ball back from his teammate.This strategy works well when defender concentrates more on ball instead of the offensive player who runs after passing the ball.

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Attacking zone defenses requires ball movement and total team effort compared to the player movement and individual skills required in attacking man-to-man defenses. Good outside shooting, early offense (fast breaks) and offensive rebounding are key elements to a successful zone offense.

The 5 Offensive Strategies that ALL Coaches Should Employ

Use some foul line plays for offensive rebounding. Keep the ball in the hands of your good foul shooters. Play the percentages. Spend as much time preparing to get offense out of your foul shots as you do in getting your foul shots. Less is more Basketball is not an exercise in showing how much you know.

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This is a classic basketball offense that has been used effectively for years. The Wheel is similar to Flex and Shuffle. It involves three main actions: a high post screen, a down screen, and a flex screen.

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Offensive Tactics in the Game of Basketball. A good offense must be flexible enough to respond to changing defensive strategies. There needs to be a certain amount of spacing between players, but there must also be counter options to avoid defensive traps.

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Offensive Tactics in Basketball. The goal of this tactic is to break through the opponent’s defense and set up an uncontested shot. For this, players need strong fundamentals- dribbling, passing, and shooting. Triangle Offense. The attackers from a triangle of three players, this offense is a popular attack strategy in basketball.

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In modern basketball games, the players on the court play with the tactics which designed by the coach group. There are two kinds of tactics. One is offensive tactic and the other is defensive tactic. In a particular basketball game, the offensive tactics are the most dynamic. Enormous amount of basketball game data are available that mostly provide

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The pick and roll is a popular move in basketball. It's often used in 2 on 2 scenarios. With this move, the attacker without the ball blocks the path of the defender covering the leader. The attacker with the ball is then free to make an uncontested shot.